How do I get my FREE FUT Coins?

Welcome to Elite FIFA Coins, our team have created this site to support FREE FUT Coins deliveries (FIFA Ultimate Team). We have been running for over a year now since the release of FUT 15. We have now implemented a system that supports the new release of FUT 16.

The best thing about our service is it takes less than five minutes to get hold of your free FIFA 16 coins and we still offer support to FUT 15. Simply select a year below enter your username, platform and amount of coins you desire, once you complete the short survey you will be redirected to some simple instructions on how to get hold of the generated coins, this usually consists of selling a player as you may be aware if you have ever paid for coins previously. It really is that simple and we hope you find the experience pleasant and straight forward, if you have any problems check our Contact page for F.A.Q’s.

Your only two steps away!

Enter Details

Simply enter your details below in our automated system, this consists of choosing your FUT year, platform, amount of coins and of course your username so we know who you are, once entered select “Generate”

Complete Automated System

Once you have completed the fields, please complete our Human-Verification, once done you will be redirected to a page with simple instructions guiding you to sell players on which our system will buy.

Select FIFA Year below

FIFA 15 Coins

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You can generate up to 1000K Coins for FIFA 15.

FIFA 16 Coins

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You can generate up to 200K Coins for FIFA 16.

Tired of Paying and Fakes?

Are you sick and tired of buying and or falling for all those fake generators online? Well then there’s another reason this service is for you. After seeing so many online generators that don’t work we decided to create a real delivery system that promises results. There will be no need to buy FIFA coins again because you can get your FREE FIFA Coins right here at any time in any place, our system is fully mobile friendly so you can never be a few minutes away from gaining a few places in the leader board.

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I have been looking around for free fifa 16 coins for ages and couldn’t find anyone that actually provides them, I have literally searched until page three on Google and couldn’t find anything. I then came across this site and thought it was too good to be true but I was so wrong! Thank you so much Elite FIFA Coins will definitely be using in the future.


Mark ordered 150K coins for his Xbox One account and was credited the coins within minutes, thanks for the great review Mark now go dominate the field!

fut coins before


I was very surprised that there are free services that offer free fifa 15 coins bit I won’t complain. I’m a old school player and am not a big fan of FIFA 16. I generated around 500K Coins for my account and followed the simply instructions after the survey, I was every so happy and I would like to thank you for making a system that actually delivers. Excellent work guys keep it up I’ve got many friends that are interested in this fantastic service.


Muhammad ordered 525K coins for FIFA 15 on PS3 he was very pleased to see that our service actually delivers. Give it a try yourself you won’t be let down!

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WOW! Great work Elite Coins, I completed the whole process in under 10 minutes and received the full amount of fut coins. I was skeptical at first as I know a lot of these sites mislead you but not this one. I am now able to buy the players I want and beat my friends and this is my little secret! Very pleased and seriously considering placing another free order!


Ravi generated 200K free FIFA 16 coins and to his surprise we delivered the coins, we hope to hear from you soon Ravi thanks for using our automated system to get hold of your in game coins, good luck on the field!

fut coins before
Ravi Patel


Please check our F.A.Q before submitting a support email.

I haven't received a order confirmation email?

No need to panic, these emails take up to 12 hours as you are placed in a queue, usual turn around time is anything up to an hour. If no email is received within 48 hours feel free to get in contact with your email or simply try again.

I can't complete a survey, help me!

The surveys should be very simple, the are implemented to stop bots from using our service and to keep us alive. If you are having trouble completing a survey simply try a different offer or get in contact and we will be happy to release the coins

Why offer coins for free when you can charge?

This is quite a popular question we get asked, yet it has a simple answer we offer coins because we like helping the public, our system delivers coins after a survey is completed, the surveys are around 1-2 minutes long. You help keep us alive and we return the favor with coins for your team. Enjoy!

Am I really going to receive my coins?

Yes, of course you are we would hate to mess you around that’s why our system is now fully automated from the 1st September 2015 so by all means take full advantage of it!

Do you offer any other free services with a survey gateway?

Not at this moment in time unfortunately this is a small project a team of FIFA Ultimate Team fans created to help you guys out who struggle to win games and earn in game balance. Although this isn’t to say there wont be in the future.

Why don't you offer 1000K Coins to FUT 16?

I’m glad you asked this, the reason is simple, it takes time for us to stock up on coins, because our system is fully legit and involves no cheats / exploits to the game. As you know FUT 16 was released recently so it takes our team time to stock up, it also has a much higher coin value on FUT 16 for example 500K on FUT 15 is around 100K on FUT 16, hope this makes sense.

Can I get FUT 14 Coins using your system?

Unfortunately not, we only support the latest releases of FIFA, that being FIFA 15 & 16. We did consider it at one point but the demand for FUT 14 Coins was too low.

You guys are awesome, how do I submit a testimonial?

We would love to hear from you, if you would like to submit a testimonial simply head over to our Contact Us page, select “Testimonial” option from the drop down box, once you have selected that option include your name and email and we will contact you via email once we have verified your testimonial. Be sure to include how your experience was using our Automated system.

What's the demand?

  • FUT 15
  • FUT 16

If your wondering what the part chart is let me explain, the pie chart shows the demand for FUT Coins. The pie chart is updated on a monthly basis using real statistics we get from our automated system, it really is that simple.

Enjoy your coins – Leave us a review

We hope you have no problems whilst using our automated system, we created a automated system on the 1st September to push through the orders automatically, this has saved us a lot of time as orders were processed manually before the update.

Please leave us a review using our Contact us page so we can use it as a testimonial, we love hearing from you guys, good or bad as this is how we improve our service.

If you experience any problems during the process please check our F.A.Q (on contact page or above) if they do not answer your problem just drop us an email and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.


FIFA 15 Coins:

Our system supports FUT 15 (FIFA Ultimate Team 15) so make sure to use our new automated system today and select any amount up to 1000K. You don’t know what your missing out on.

free FIFA 15 coins generator

FIFA 16 Coins:

With the new release of FUT 16 (FIFA Ultimate Team 16) we was one step ahead, our system now supports delivery of FUT 16 coins so your never far away from receiving free fut coins. Generate up to 200K coins for FIFA 16.

free FIFA 16 coins generator

Here are pictures of our FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 Generator, go get your FIFA coins today!

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